Lumen Sound Corner LampLumen Sound Corner Lamp
On sale

Lumen Sound Corner Lamp

$166 USD $312 USD
Titan Loop Floor LampTitan Loop Floor Lamp
On sale

Titan Loop Floor Lamp

$277 USD $346 USD
Briscoe Ambient Floor LampBriscoe Ambient Floor Lamp
On sale

Briscoe Ambient Floor Lamp

$215 USD $325 USD
Archway Floor LampArchway Floor Lamp
On sale

Archway Floor Lamp

$484 USD $692 USD
Hermes Corner LampHermes Corner Lamp
On sale

Hermes Corner Lamp

$95 USD $115 USD
Zane Floor LampZane Floor Lamp
On sale

Zane Floor Lamp

$263 USD $457 USD
Atmo Corner LampAtmo Corner Lamp
On sale

Atmo Corner Lamp

$120 USD $219 USD
Beau Visage Floor LampBeau Visage Floor Lamp
On sale

Beau Visage Floor Lamp

$335 USD $505 USD
Ciro Twilight Floor LampCiro Twilight Floor Lamp
On sale

Ciro Twilight Floor Lamp

$770 USD $1,155 USD
Evelina Floor LampEvelina Floor Lamp
On sale

Evelina Floor Lamp

$800 USD $1,200 USD
Arabella Floor LampArabella Floor Lamp
On sale

Arabella Floor Lamp

$455 USD $685 USD
Giotto Floor LampGiotto Floor Lamp
On sale

Giotto Floor Lamp

$450 USD $675 USD

Unique Floor Lamps

We believe that our customers deserve to live surrounded by beauty. This is evident in our collection of unique designer inspired floor lamps.

We understand the importance of a floor lamp that seamlessly blends in with one's interior design. Our inventory features a variety of modern floor lamp styles, including cone and drum-shaped shades, ranging from industrial to retro-modern and from minimalist to elaborate. Our floor lamps are available in fresh, innovative shapes and finishes, such as stainless steel, bronze, nickel, gold leaf, polished brass, polished nickel, clear glass, natural woods, and brightly painted hues that are current and trending.

Our collection also includes an array of adjustable floor lamps, designed to fit snugly in tight spaces, and floor lamps with long sweeping arms that complement various contemporary home styles. Our floor lamps are available in both LED and incandescent light styles, sourced from the best manufacturers in the world. Whether one's decor style is rustic lodge, shabby chic, nautical, coastal chic, modern minimalist, or industrial, we have a floor lamp that will meet your lighting needs and fashion sense.

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