Cypher Wall LampCypher Wall Lamp
On sale

Cypher Wall Lamp

$457 USD $553 USD
Albinia Single SconceAlbinia Single Sconce
On sale

Albinia Single Sconce

$115 USD $150 USD
Linear Light FixtureLinear Light Fixture
On sale

Linear Light Fixture

$215 USD $325 USD
Gala Single WallchiereGala Single Wallchiere
On sale

Gala Single Wallchiere

$85 USD $105 USD
Carrara Single SconceCarrara Single Sconce
On sale

Carrara Single Sconce

$100 USD $120 USD
Jacobsen Wall LampJacobsen Wall Lamp
On sale

Jacobsen Wall Lamp

$90 USD $110 USD
Fraser Single SconceFraser Single Sconce
On sale

Fraser Single Sconce

$100 USD $120 USD
Koraline Single SconceKoraline Single Sconce
On sale

Koraline Single Sconce

$250 USD $375 USD
Ava Brass SconceAva Brass Sconce
On sale

Ava Brass Sconce

$130 USD $195 USD
Sophie Wall SconceSophie Wall Sconce
On sale

Sophie Wall Sconce

$265 USD $400 USD
Beaudean Wall LampBeaudean Wall Lamp
On sale

Beaudean Wall Lamp

$95 USD $115 USD
Nala Single SconceNala Single Sconce
On sale

Nala Single Sconce

$90 USD $110 USD

Wall Sconces

Good lighting is essential in every home, but sometimes a ceiling light just won't cut it when it comes to fully illuminating larger spaces. That's where wall sconces come in handy! They're the perfect way to create a cozy atmosphere and add some extra brightness to your home. Plus, modern sconces are great when you need a little light for reading or watching a movie.

Bathroom and bedroom sconces come in a variety of styles and colors, but generally, you can choose from three categories:

  • Basic sconces use a single light bulb and have a simple, minimalist feel. They're perfect for adding light to any wall in your home without taking up too much space.
  • Wall sconces with multiple bulbs give off more light and work well in hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms.
  • Extensible sconces are a modern and practical option. They have arms that can tilt and swivel, so you can direct the light exactly where you need it. They're ideal for mounting beside your bed or workspace in your home office.

Modern sconces come in a mix of materials, like glass and metal, to create a trendy vibe. You can choose from a range of colors, including polished nickel, metallic black, and antique brass. These beautiful wall sconces will add a touch of modern metallic flair to any bare wall space in your home.

The right wall sconce not only adds to the lighting in your room but also serves as a decorative accent. Check out our collection of sconces today to find the perfect fixture that complements your home.

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