Jaunter Initiative Program #LeatherforWater


Did you know that 1 in every 9 people still lack access to basic water?

The Jaunter Initiative Program is our way of giving back to the places we love to travel to. We've partnered up with the Water.org foundation, with the focus on alleviating water shortages by donating 10% of our total sales for use of the communities that experience water crises.

Having been all across the world, we have seen that the bare essentials are't always as readily available for everyone. Water, which in many cities is available at the turn of a knob, is still something that some communities have trouble collecting. Globally, 1/3 of all schools lack access to basic water
and sanitation.

We feel deeply about this. While our business is all about our love for travel and high quality leather goods, at the same time, we still want to give back to the places we travel to: Indonesia, Kenya, Peru, Cambodia - thousands of different communities with such rich, vibrant and unique cultures, but with this one similar problem: lack of water.

We want to improve lives, by contributing a portion of each sale to our Water Fund. We've partnered up with the Water.org foundation in the hopes that we can create real impact by providing water sanitation, water pumps, and water wells to communities that don't have access to this necessity.

The Jaunter Initiative Program focuses on providing water for millions around the world, whose access to funds stands between them and safe water in their homes and communities. As we travel and explore the world, we also want to help make it a better place.

*You can find more information about the water crisis here.