Disinfect tools after every use with rubbing alcohol in order to eliminate bacteria, etc. Our tools are safe with any disinfectant solution.


Our process consists of skilled designers and artists who keep a close eye on every fine detail of your product. All Jaunter products are made to last a lifetime - with proper care. We use the finest materials, mainly full grain leather and brass metals. You may encounter natural features such as wrinkles, pores and veins. We ensure that our products have the ability to age well. 


Protect from intense exposure with light and heat, that may affect the quality and color of our products. Use a soft, lint-free absorbent cloth to wipe off areas that comes into contact with water to prevent blisters, stains, etc. Note that reptile skins are sensitive to heat and humidity.


Jaunter does not recommend using creams or solutions in cleaning our products, which would result to deeply staining your product or cause permanent damage. Keep away from inks, alcohol-based and oily products.  Avoid holding leather products right after application of hand cream. Dark textiles may run and transfer dye which results to color damage.


Preserve your leather when not in use. Keep it covered with a dust bag in a dry environment, away from light. Place bubble wraps or tissues inside to maintain silhouette. Do not overload bags, and other small goods that may cause deformation. Again, Jaunter does not recommend using creams, solutions, and other chemicals in cleaning our products.


Clean with a damp cloth and slightly soapy water. Avoid contact with highly pigmented materials. Avoid machine washing at all costs.