Bella Mushroom LampBella Mushroom Lamp
On sale

Bella Mushroom Lamp

$80 USD $135 USD
Amaris Table LampAmaris Table Lamp
On sale

Amaris Table Lamp

$105 USD $125 USD
Dani Table LampDani Table Lamp
On sale

Dani Table Lamp

$265 USD $400 USD
Gioia Table LampGioia Table Lamp
On sale

Gioia Table Lamp

$325 USD $490 USD
Alto Mari Table LampAlto Mari Table Lamp
On sale

Alto Mari Table Lamp

$210 USD $315 USD
Brero Table LampBrero Table Lamp
On sale

Brero Table Lamp

$265 USD $395 USD
Padalo Table LampPadalo Table Lamp
On sale

Padalo Table Lamp

$365 USD $550 USD
Tilly Table LampTilly Table Lamp
On sale

Tilly Table Lamp

$270 USD $410 USD
Una Papera Desk LampUna Papera Desk Lamp
On sale

Una Papera Desk Lamp

$260 USD $390 USD
Penta Camera Desk LampPenta Camera Desk Lamp
On sale

Penta Camera Desk Lamp

$300 USD $450 USD
Paraply Table LampParaply Table Lamp
On sale

Paraply Table Lamp

$275 USD $415 USD
Haerin Table LampHaerin Table Lamp
On sale

Haerin Table Lamp

$100 USD $120 USD

Table Lamps

Looking for a modern lamp to add a touch of elegance to your living space? Jaunter Co has got you covered! We offer a wide range of contemporary end table lamps and modern desk lamps that can brighten up your room and set the mood you want. With a variety of colors and materials to choose from, you can easily find the perfect design that matches your home decor.

Want to create a calming atmosphere in your room? Place a pair of sophisticated lamps on your nightstands or on either side of your sofa. To add some glamour to your traditional room, try incorporating art deco-inspired table lamps. You can also opt for a lamp with a sculpted, handcrafted base to add an artistic flair or choose a modern table lamp made of materials such as concrete or iron to give your room an urban-industrial feel.

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