Ava Table Lamp

$340 USD $850 USD

Ava Table Lamp, a new lighting solution that underpins the ever-present beauty of natural materials. Embracing the everlasting charm of nature's elements, this exquisite lamp draws inspiration from the timeless allure of 1970s Italian marble tables. The Ava Table Lamp's design echoes the elegant interplay between simplicity and ingenuity, showcased through the conical travertine base and the gracefully curved, bronzed aluminum shade, creating an artful equilibrium that enchants any setting.

Emanating a gentle, evenly diffused glow, the unprocessed stone base, deliberately left in its natural state, reveals a captivating interplay of shadows and a mesmerizing tapestry of hues that seem to originate within the very core of the lamp. Whether casting a warm radiance on a bedside table or gently illuminating a cabinet surface, the Ava Table Lamp serves as a sophisticated and charismatic solution for a diverse array of lighting requirements. Experience the Ava Table Lamp's graceful radiance, harmonizing both elegance and functionality in perfect balance.


  • Material: Travertine Stone, Metal, Steel
  • Bulb: 3 x  G9
  • Dimmable: Push button switch (not dimmable)
  • Dimensions: Dia 24cm x H 30cm / ∅ 9.4″ x H 11.8″
  • Shade Color: Black
  • Body Color: Unfinished Stone
  • Wattage: 110-240V

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